Spa and beauty tunic closed on the side.

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Fitted tunic, Mao collar, closed in diagonal with 3 press studs and hidden press studs on the side, short sleeves, 2 pockets, 70 cm back length, slit on the sides.

Size XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL:

65% Poly/35% Cotton - 200g/m2 - White, Lila, Violine, Raspberry, Plum, Purple, Peony, Capucine, Green- anise, Attol, Light blue, Royal blue, Navy blue, Slate blue, Mid grey, Grey anthracite, Black: £76.00

20% Poly/ 80% Cotton - 130g/m2 - Parma, Light gypsy chambray, Grey£76.00

65% Poly/35% Cotton - 90g/m2 - Blue prints, Parma: £76.00

65% Poly/35% Cotton - 200g/m2 - Violine with Grey anthracite trim, Navy blue with Light blue trim, Grey anthracite with Violine trim: £76.00

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